Best Companies to Get a Translation Job (Remote Online Work From Home Jobs Available Too!)

Starting as a translator can be a great option to earn a lucrative income if you’re fluent in more than one language. Your opportunities for remote jobs in translation can offer prospects across many employment sectors who are looking to expand their market and to engage with customers on a deeper level. Let’s take an in-depth look at this work from home opportunity and companies that are offering remote translation jobs:-

Translation Skills You Need to Get Hired

Anyone who is fluent in 2 or more languages can work as a translator. Apart from that, the following skills other important skills every translator should have in order to provide high-quality translation services:-

  1. Cultural intelligence
  2. Knowledge of the native language
  3. Fast writing skills
  4. Good command in the second language
  5. Attention to detail
  6. Basic computer skills
  7. Basic internet handling skills
  8. Good listening skills
  9. Avid learning skills
  10. Time management skills

How Much Can You Expect Earn as a Translator?

Translators can earn quite a bit depending on how much work you can take on. Translations may be required of sensitive business documents to blog posts. You may land large scale products such as translating an entire book or even be selected for fun jobs such as helping to create subtitles for a movie.

Since you are essentially working for yourself, you get to choose how little or how much you want to work. The pay rates on the available jobs can vary depending on the complexities of projects. According to Real Translator Jobs, you can expect to earn anywhere from $100 to $500 a day. 

Where can I find translation jobs? 

Specialized Translation Websites

These sites are just meant for translators, translating agencies, and others looking for language assistance. The best things about these websites are they provide community support to you as a translator with difficult phrases and terminology. Here are a few translator sites that are worth checking out:

These sites are worth joining even if you don’t find work through these sites as they provide you with valuable translation support, help, and services. 

Freelance websites

Some translators work for several different companies and/or individuals. These translators work as independent contractors or freelancers. As an independent contractor, you can create accounts on freelance sites and look for translation jobs offered by different companies. The key to success with these freelance sites is to create a good profile that highlights your experience. Here are some freelance sites that are worth checking out:

Job Boards

These are platforms that offer jobs in general. Many of these job sites also have translation job postings assistance. Some of these translation jobs can even be full-time with just one company. With these job board sites, you look for available jobs and you apply for them just like any other job. Here are some job board sites that I’ve found translation jobs on:

Social Media

Social media has opened great opportunities for translators in terms of getting jobs and valuable connections. You can search for prospects, colleagues, and contacts to connect with and then save the search. Especially across Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit there is a vast array of groups for those with a love of languages. Here we pick out some of the best groups that are worth checking out:

  1. Translators and Interpreters ( – Facebook and LinkedIn
  2. Translation events – Facebook
  3. Translation society – Facebook
  4. Translation & Localization Professionals Worldwide – LinkedIn
  5. Certified Translation Professional Group – LinkedIn
  6. Globalization, Localization & Translation Job Board – LinkedIn
  7. Freelance Translators Lounge – LinkedIn

Best Companies Offering Translation Jobs

Day Translations

DayTranslations is the most popular choice with multiple translation jobs in different languages. You can set your own schedule aband can work from anywhere in the world whenever you want. 


Signing up for translators on Gengo is free, however,  you will be tested before being approved to begin translating work for employers. 


The company mostly provides translation and localization services to serve clients in the corporate, legal, entertainment and academic sectors, so there’s plenty of variety available.

LanguageLine Solutions

The company hires work-at-home interpreters for telephonic work. Must live in the United States, Canada, Colombia, or the United Kingdom to get hired. 

Final thoughts 

Since it may be possible to earn a lucrative income from prolific freelance work, you probably will not give any membership fees to access a database much of thought if your income from the jobs is lucrative.

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