Welcome to the Secret Divas, the community for women who loves writing.

Founded in August 2018, Secret Divas’ mission is to create opportunities for women who blog to pursue exposure, education, community, and economic empowerment. Today Secret Divas provides the number-one community for and guide to blogs by women, reaching more than thousands of women each month via the website.

Our mission

We created Secret Divas to provide women with a positive and interesting environment where they can connect with others, share stories, vent, feel that they are not in it alone, give and get advice, laugh, and do much more.

Our Vision

Imagine you’re in a restaurant full of other women who you may or may not be friends with or even know. You have the opportunity to talk and connect with these other women. Or you could decide to sit and listen to the conversations happening around you. How you interact with these other women depends upon you.

Through our website, research, social networks, and powerful events, Secret Divas try to provide solutions and strategies that need to thrive.

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